The Serpent Bridge-Building

PRAHA ČERNÝ HAD (The Black Serpent of Prague)

Honorable Mention on the international competition “Prague: Bridge-building across Vltava River,” organized by Arquitectum, 2012-2013

“ARQUITECTUM has been convened for the international competition which aims to provide an answer to the housing problem in a creative way and using a theme present througout the city: it’s beautiful bridges this time with the intention of connecting the Smichov and Podolí districts and use these structures as housing…”

Cerny Had 2 2

The Genius loci of the site is determined as:

“Vyšehrad, the rock above the river with its dark outline of slender spiers, is an inseparable part of the Prague skyline.”

“At the 21th century, its retanis Vysehrad atmosphere of magic and mystery. It offers visitors one of the most beautiful urban panoramas of bygone Europe, quiet parks for relaxation, and true culture and spiritual inspirtation “.


Above the bridge starting point determined by the site analysis, a Vyšehrad wall is located. This Stereotomic wall is extruded along the space-time as an allegory of:

“The future glory of Prague”


The project’s shape has in mind the deconstruction of the Christian story of the modernism, generating a postmodernist position, contradictory towards its predecessor, ecclesiastic architecture, and in turn creating an idiosyncratic gesture of the characteristic Czech black humor.

Cerny Had 5

Longitudinal section: architectural program

Therefore man is emphasized above the machine, keeping their relationship with the natural environment. The vehicle has no protagonism.

The spatial exploration was based on a primary structure supported on five strategic points, from which housing towers emerge.

On the other hand we have the external structure, the scales, which works as an enclosure for the apartments.

Cerny Had 3

Cerny Had 4

Design team: 
Arch. A. Cristiá Batista (Puerto Rico/Costa Rica),
Arch. Julian Robles (Costa Rica),
Martin Mraz (Costa Rica/Czech Republic). 
126764_A  126764_B
Exhibition of Winning Projects (a competition by www.arquitectum

Exhibition of the winning projects in ARCHIP (Architectural Institute in Prague)

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